Child Protection In Action

Removal Of Children

Sanet Viljoen
Workshop Presenter

About the workshop

Removal of children is one of the most difficult tasks which a child protection social worker must perform.  Being newly qualified, or even with a few year’s experience, the removal of a child can be overwhelming.

Removing a child from the family is disruptive and traumatic and children are at risk for psychological, social, and even physical harm. Little practice guidelines are set out to assist the child protection, social worker. The following questions come to mind:   

  • What process should be followed by the child protection social worker?
  • What kind of assessments should be done?
  • What forms should be used?
  • What is the role of the court?

This workshop aims to empower child protection social workers step-by-step.

Workshop Content

The workshop consists of 6 modules:

Module 1:  Code of ethics

Module 2:  Terminology in removal of children

Module 3:  Understanding legislation pertaining to removal of children

Module 4:  Statutory process

Module 5:  Core assessment phase:  assessment/ planning/ intervention

Module 6:  Other considerations

About this course:
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16 @SAW


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