Child Protection In Action

Childrens Act and the Child Protection Social Worker

Sanet Viljoen
Workshop Presenter

Workshop outcomes

The Children’s Act, the Amendment Acts, Regulations and Norms and standards guide social work practitioners(social workers and social auxiliary workers) working with children.  Therefore, they need to understand how to implement the Act and supporting legislation.

The workshop is so designed that the programme does not follow the usual format of chapter per chapter, but rather around concepts, the meaning thereof, where it is in the Children’s Act and how to use it in practice.

This workshop thus sets out to capacitate social work practitioners to understand and apply the Children’s Act  in practice in working with children.

Workshop Content

The workshop consists of 3 modules:

Module 1: Code of ethics – ethical considerations applicable

Module 2:  Introduction to the Children’s Act

Module 3: Themes in the Children’s Act – including Amendment Acts, Regulations, Norms and Standards and the Forms

About this course:
CPD Points:

15 CPD points for SW and SAW


R750 p.p

Upcoming Dates:

Workshop 1: 21-23 May 2024
Workshop 2: 19-21 June 2024
Workshop 3: 4, 5, 11, 12 July 2024